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Water, the second most compulsion, next to air, for any living being on this planet. Though the earth has been surrounded with two-third of water, only a minute part, less than one percent is potable to human consumption. This percent would have been sufficient, if the water is free from contaminants. Unfortunately it is not so, due to increasing population, industries and other forms of pollutants. This cause the availability of potable water to decline day by day, which in turn increase the water demand abruptly. This situation can be overcome with the help of modern science, thanks to the technology called “Reverse osmosis”, an unparallel technology for purifying hard and salty water. So Reverse osmosis could play a vital role in this water crisis and provides comprehensive and ultimate solutions to many kind of drinking water problems.


Reverse osmosis technology is used for the desalination of water. It converts the high TDS water into potable water. It basically contains a member through which the raw water is passed at high pressure and cause the pure water to diffuse into the membrane. This water is called as permeated water and the other contaminations like dissolved salts and toxic chemicals are drained through the reject outlet. Thus we get tasteful water, which is free from saline contents.


  • ·  It generates pure water out of salt water
  • ·  Remove toxic chemicals
  • ·  Environment friendly
  • ·  Low running cost
  • ·  Reliable method



The foremost factor for the success of a RO System is its “Designing”. A well designed RO provides utmost efficiency and long durability. Designing a RO unit includes the following steps:

  • - Complete chemical and microbiological analysis of raw water
  • - Output Water requirement [Liters / day or Hour]
  • - Selecting proper pre-treatment
  • - Selecting proper anti sealant
  • - Selecting proper post-treatment


RO System Designing

01. Raw Water storage tank
02. Raw water feed pump
03. Multi grade filter
04. Activated carbon filter
05. Anti scalant dosing tank
06. Anti scalant dosing pump
07. 10 filter
08. 5 filter
09. High pressure RO pump
10. Membrane with housing
11. Ms. Powder coated frame (skid)
12. Ss interconnecting pipe line
13. Permeated water storage tank
14. Rejected water


Note: The diagram shown is specimen diagram only. All parts are subject to change according to the water parameters and output requirement.