ROTEK  is an Micro Controller based automatic programmable control for small and medium RO plant. Normal range available upto 2HP for Single phase and upto 5HP for 3 Phase.


Technical Specifications:

  1. Over all dimension : 250(H) X  210(W) X 145(D) ; cut out size - 220 (H) X 185 (W)
  2. Inputs : RW tank float, LPS, HPS or Brain tank float, Product tank float, TDS, Auto Multiport valve.
  3. Outputs : RW pump, HP pump, Dosing pump, Drain Solenoid valve.
  4.  Controller basic available are given below



Raw water pump

High pressure pump


Upto 2HP single phase

Upto 2HP  single phase


Upto 2HP single phase

Upto 5HP   three phase


Upto 5HP three phase

Upto 5HP   three phase


Features :

  1. Mimic Diagram with 7 LEDs for Input and Output indication
  2. 16 X 2 Alphanumeric LCD display with keypad for programming and status display.
  3. Auto fleshing
  4. Auto / Manual facility
  5. Input Voltage, R.W pump and H.P pump current, running time, TDS scrolling monitor.
  6. Over current, low voltage, single phase protection.
  7. Dosing chemical tank low level protection.
  8. Auto Multiport valve connecting facility.